Food Bank collection

Since the corona virus pandemic we have been collecting donations for Chelwood Foodbank plus    

in our car park 

(corner of Station Road and Ramillies Avenue)

from 11am - 12 midday

every Tuesday.


The Foodbank are grateful for items of food and drink, and other necessities including toiletries and cleaning materials.

During the economic hardship of the last couple of years, the number of families in need has increased rapidly. We are extremely grateful to the community who have rallied round to donate, enabling us to make a generous delivery to the Foodbank every week. 

Please check out the Foodbank website for other ways to contribute. 

Please see our facebook page for up to date information on particular needs/shortages or any of the items listed below are always gratefully received.

Items always needed

Food and Drink

Milk (UHT)                                                Tinned meat                                                Tinned Stew

Tinned Fish                                               Tinned vegetables                                      Tinned potatoes

Instant Mash                                             Tinned or packet Soup

Long life meals (requiring no refrigeration)                          Vegetarian meals (requiring no refrigeration)

Rice                                                          Pasta                                                           Jars of Pasta Sauce

Breakfast cereals/porridge oats                  Tinned fruit                                                   Tinned rice pudding

Tinned Custard/custard powder                  Jam/Spread                                                  Biscuits/cake bars

Tea bags                                                       Instant coffee                                               Hot Chocolate

Sugar                                                       Squash                                                         Fruit Juice


Toothpaste/Mouth wash                             Toothbrushes                                               Toilet rolls

Soap                                                             Shampoo                                                 Deodorant

Cleaning Materials

Washing up Liquid                                     Washing powder/tablets                               Sanitary products for women

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