Tuesday Evening Reflective Worship

What is it like?

A quiet, reflective service in the heart of your busy week

When is it?

Tuesdays, 7pm for half an hour.

Perhaps it would be best described as a quiet time, or evening devotions rather than a ‘service’. There’s no sermon and no singing. Usually there are two or three pieces of music on CD – these have varied from soothing instrumentals to sacred songs by Henry Purcell or John Rutter, maybe something celtic/folky; there’s even been a bit of Mozart in there.

The responsive prayers are from the Methodist Worship Book, there’s a Bible reading. There may be other prayers, sometimes a meditation or a poem; and always a few minutes of silence.

We meet in the sanctuary, and although we could meet in a smaller room, the sense of God's presence in a the large sanctuary adds to the reflective nature of the service.

Go on, find that half hour to come along. It’s a breathing space in the week, and more importantly, it’s another way to come before God.


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