The Fisherman's Tale - Tuesday 12 June to Friday 22 June 2018

Cheadle Hulme Methodist Church has arranged in association with Bible Encounter Trust a presentation of The Fisherman’s Tale in church - with school sessions available from 12th – 22nd June inclusive.

Each session sees the children enter a labyrinth, transporting them firstly to the catacombs of ancient Rome and then to an atmospheric first century fisherman’s cottage. As they move through and become engaged with the immersive set, designed to give the children a ‘firsthand’ experience of life at the time of Jesus, the children are invited to hear the story of Jesus through the eyes of Simon Peter, one of his first disciples.

However, in order to run this ‘Tale’ we need voluntary help in setting up the church.

Below is a list of the help we need and if you feel that you could come along to the church on any/all of those dates, then please can you contact the Church Office or John Harrington indicating when you could help.

Saturday 9th June

1.       11:00am - Deliver Props [minimum of 8 people to help off-load]

2.       12:30pm - Deliver catacombs [minimum of 4 people to help off load]

3.       2pm - [minimum of 6 people to help off load – heavy lifting] Deliver Boat


Sunday 10th June – Pre Set-up Day

1.       Move pews after morning service, approximately Noon - minimum of 8/10 to move pews

2.      2pm – 6pm - Initial set-up –  minimum of 6/8 active people to build set - happy up ladders/wielding a screwdriver.  Please bring own stepladders and tools (electric screwdriver etc)     


Monday 11th June – Main Set-up Day

1.       Morning Session:  9:15am-12:30pm

a.       9am for 9:15am   minimum of 8/10 active people to build set – happy up ladders/wielding a screwdriver. Bring own stepladders and tools (electric screwdriver etc)     

b.       10am   minimum of 6 people to iron – with own iron and a thick blanket

2.       Afternoon Session:  1:30pm – 5:30pm

a.       1:30pm – 4pm   minimum of 6 active people to complete set - happy up ladders/wielding a screwdriver

b.       2pm – 5:30pm     minimum of 6 active people to hang cloth - happy up ladders

3.       Evening Session:  7pm–9pm

a.       minimum of 4/6 active people to help with final cloth hanging/set dressing & tidying up


Friday 22nd June – Dismantle

1.       3:30-5:30pm        minimum of 6 active people to - remove and pack artefacts &
- remove and fold cloth

2.       4:15pm-6:30pm    minimum of 8/10 active people to dismantle framework/set

3.       6:30pm - 8pm      minimum of 6 active people to load van etc


Saturday 23rd June

1.       11am        minimum of 6/8 active people to load boat and replace pews


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